Tuesday, May 1, 2018

On to Jerusalem

Sunday was our first day in Jerusalem.  Our apartment is on the 4th floor of a new building.  The bottom floor is supposed to be a lot of shops - but they are mostly still dirt.  We have noticed so much new construction both in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem.  The economy seems to be in great shape.  Also heard from someone that the average size family has 4 children - they are definitaly trying to populate the area. 

The views below are mostly from our balcony.


The balcony was so dirty that we were walking in and making the kitchen/living area dirty.  Rob offered to clean it.
 Lia has a coloring book where you put makeup on ponies.  I downloaded an app for a game to do the same.  But it required downloading too much crap, paying money, and giving them access to too much info.  She was disappointed!

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