Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Sights to the South of Nazareth

We went to three sights south of Nazareth today.  The first two were very interesting - the last one not too much.  The mosque close to us.
And views from the hillside across the street from the Mosque.

The photo below is a typical scene in Israel.  At least in Jerusalem and Nazareth and other small towns we have been too.  Tel Aviv was cleaner.  Our Christain Arab Landlady in Nazareth tried to pick up trash that blew into her stairwell.  There were trashbins - but they would get overfull or missed and the the wind would blow.
This is the same mosque we can see from our apt window.  But a better view.

Bet Alpha - the ancient synagogue

 Bet She'an - Roman ruins
 Shadows on rock

 The amphitheatre

The Baths

 These pillars held up the floor of the bathhouse.  The heat was below so the floor was hot.

 More ruins

 You probably can't see Mike - he is the small dot in the middle heading up the mountain.
 I headed back to the entrance for a cold drink

Below - photos taken from the car while driving.  Most were not good as the road was very bumpy

 After lunch we headed to our last stop - the Crusaders Castle.

The end of the day.

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