Saturday, May 19, 2018

Little Petra and Shobak Castle

May 15th - Little Petra and Shobak Castle.  I am still trying to catch up as it is already 5/18 today.  Little Petra is a bit of a disappointment after Petra.  It is grey sandstone - so you don't have the beautiful colors.  There are a few tombs- but also more places where travelers would have stayed.  This area is not that developed.

Photos from the car.
 A Baudoin camp
 Our Little Petra guide.
 Another tomb

 A god would have been placed in this niche.

 A relative of our guide showing how they  worked with wool fibers.
 Of  course we had to give her a tip.

 What a typical cave home would have looked like.
 A fresco in a cave church.

 Steps to the "Best View in the World". We did not climb them.  They were slippery.

Next Shobak Castle.

Authentic Arab bread.  It was so good!  Karak castle from a distance.

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