Saturday, May 19, 2018

Mount Nebo

Today we went to three different sites, Mount Nebo, Madaba and Kerek Castle.  This was on our long drive from Amman to Petra.  Between the stops and the driving time we did not get to our hotel until after 6:30pm.  And then had to wait while a busload of German tourists checked in first.  So I am way behind on working on pictures.  I did finish Mount Nebo and the drive to the site.  I like to take shots through the car window as we drive - usually not very successful, especially if the road is very rough as the ones in Jordan are.  But I wanted a taste of what the country side is like.  We saw some buildings that reminded us of Albania.  Building stops midway - sometimes because the money runs out, or as out guide explained, sometimes they are just waiting for a child to get married and need a place to live before they build the next story.

 I wasn't happy about the power lines in this photo - so tried again.
 This time it look like the power lines are going to whisk away the dome!

 Airplane in the middle of a busy round-about.

And now onto Mount Nebo.  This is where Moses went to see the Promised Land - he never made it there.

So many mosaics inside.

Distance markers on roads.

At MosaicHouse.  This establishment is sponsored by Queen Noor charity to give handicap and the very poor a chance to work.
The colors come in strips - see the one below her left hand.  They cut them to size with the tool shown by the man above.  They are glued into place with flour and water.  Then the picture is reversed (up-side down) and cement put on the back to hold it together.  After it is set, the glue is washed away and the front is glazed so it is water proof.

The table we purchased - the one in the middle.
It will be remounted on this base.

The artist who spent several months making the table.

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