Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Sabbath - Everything is closed

At least in the Jewish section of Jerusalem which is where our apartment is.  Since we both have colds, a forced rest is a good thing.  but even then we discussed grabbing a cab to get to the Muslim section which is open.  We did go out in the morning.
Our plan was to head for The Supreme Court building on foot and then on to the Knesset (Israeli Parliament).  But the Knesset was further away then we thought so we didn't go.  We found the Supreme Court building - but it was the back of the building.  No one was there, not even the guard.

We walked around the building until we came to the Rose Park.  There were a few other people there as well.

Finally found the front of the building. It is built like fortress.  
 So I was surprised that there were no guards to be found

We decided to head for one of the neighboring communities to take photos.  We passed this sign on an overpass. 
Neighborhood shots.  A group of people had moved a table to the street and were sitting around it having a good time.  There was just room for a car to squeeze by.  I really would have liked to get a photo of them - but they seemed a little suspicious of strangers wandering through their street.

Then we headed back the local market we have been to a couple of times.  This is the block leading up to it.  Much different with very few people.

Then we went into the market itself and saw so much street art.  None of this shows up when the market is open.  A lot of it was done by a street artist named Solomen Souza.  But there is a lot by other street artists also.  A lot of them are signed.
 A not so exciting door for a coffee establishment.

A funny one.

And a final photo as we exit the market and head home.

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  1. oh man I hope you finally took some rest so you guys can kick this cold! HOpefully you were well stocked up to get through the saturday