Monday, May 14, 2018

Madaba - Greek Orthodox Church of St. George

Our second stop on Sunday after our visit to Mount Nebo was in Madaba.  The biggest reason for stopping to see the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George is to see the famous Mosaic map on the floor of the church.  The church looks pretty non-descript from the outside.

This painting of St. George greets you as you enter.

A complete copy of the map is outside the church along with a legend.  Below are two samples of closeups of the actual tile map on the church floor.

The church is not very big.  I somehow missed taking an overall shot.  I did take two wider views - they are followed by closeups of some of the mosaics and paintings.

I especially liked this version of the Madonna and child.

This one I could not quite figure out.  There is Mary, her mother behind her and baby Jesus the lower image.  But who is the forth person?
A final painting.

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