Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Citadel or The Tower of David

Somehow the Citadel got associated with David, though after research they discovered that David was never here.  But the name has stuck.  We decided to save our visit here for the hottest day.  Today was very hot - but lucky for us it is International Museum day and we had free entrance.  Normally it is quite expensive.  Mike had paid for two audio guides for him and me - the rest declined.  Accept for Lia who later discovered that she really enjoyed listening to the history.  But especially enjoyed finding the numbers at the different exhibits.   I ended up letting her take mine as I could read all the English descriptions under each exhibit.  Lia is learning to read in Dutch not English.  There were lots of stairs to climb and city views along the walls. In the exhibit rooms you were not able to take pictures. 

The windmill below ground flour and provided many jobs for the early Jewish settlers.

Verrochio's statue of David.

A street view at the exit from the Citadel.

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