Monday, May 21, 2018

Leaving Athens - Travel day south to Kalamata

I feel we got a good taste of Athens.  We saw some major sites.  We ate a lot of Greek food.  We met some people.  My impression of Athens is of ruins, olives, graffiti and lots of hills and walking.  The taxi's were plentiful and not very expensive.  We had one taxi driver who missed our house number and swear at us in Greek, at least that is what it sounded like.  He did insist in going around the block and got us closer to the right spot.  We had another one who knew quite a bit of English and gave us all kind of advice on what we should see.  Mostly everyone has been friendly and helpful.

So on to a new experience in Kalamata on the southern shore.  We took the express bus from Athens.  It was 2 hours 45 minutes.  Half way through, a young man went to talk to the bus driver.  Shortly after that we stopped at a wayside stop.  He needed to go to the toilet.  Apparently the toilet on the bus was not working.  We drink water sparingly after that.  Kalamata is much smaller - not wait for the taxi and short ride to our airbnb.  It is lovely - but on the second floor.  My sciatica has returned so I was having problems.  The owner suggested other apartments he managed - Mike went to look - the one we have selected is the brightest and best of the group.  I haven't had any pain meds since early this morning - I think I will be fine.  After all I managed to walk a total of 5 miles the day we did Petra - downhill and then the steep climb back.. 

So I am excited about our tour around the Kalamata area.  Our tour guide/driver loves photography as well as history so this should be a good time.  Life as well as travel at our age is all about managing your issues and doing as much as you can do.  Just enjoy life to the best of your abilities.

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  1. I think that enjoying life to the best of your abilities is true for all ages.