Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday - the last day in Bologna

We are trying to recover from the busy week so we will only do a couple of things today besides packing up for our move to Florence.  We decide to go back to Basilica San Stefano and its Piazza.  We were here with the photography tour but did not go inside.  This is 7 churches in one from as many different periods.  I was having trouble with my Nikon D500 as it would not focus.  Finally reset (took the battery out) , took the lens off and then on again and changed some settings - finally working fine.  But not so many pictures inside.  Then I decided to try the fisheye lens and had a lot of fun with that.
First straight up pictures of the Basilica.

 This is a model of the 7 churches in one.

Now for some fisheye versions:

 Got a little blur action going on too.
I continued to take fisheye pictures in the San Stefano Piazza.

We then headed off to find the restaurant the daughter Lisa's friend had suggested that was near here.

 Notice the pomegranate in this picture.  If you look very closely you can see it in the second picture right in the middle.  The gentleman in the 2nd story window above the tree thought he was safe from my camera.

We had a lovely lunch.  Mike and I shared an antipasto course for E15 that had about 6-8 different "tastes".  I was almost full after that.  That's OK cause now we have enough for diner in tonight. 

Last few street scenes from Bologna.

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