Monday, October 23, 2017

End of Florence and on to Siena

We can't get into our rental in Siena until mid afternoon.  So we opted to take a couple hour foodie tour in Florence before catching the bus to Siena.  You will have to go to my husbands blog to look at food pictures.

By the time we got to Siena and got settled in our B and B it was late afternoon.  Our BnB is only a minute away from the Compo. This is a large piazza that dips downwards and is a popular meeting place for tourists and locals.  We were hoping for good light for photos, but the buildings are just tall enough that you don't get much except on the tower.
 This is apparently a bad copy of a famous fountain located elsewhere in Italy.

 Most of the people in the square were dressed in very dull colors.  But the people on this bench were so colorful.

 As I have said before - I love reflections.  Also love the couple sitting on the balcony below.

 There were groups of people celebrating on the square.  One or two people would have a crown of leaves on their heads.  In some groups there would be frequent whistle blowing which seemed to be the signal to drink more booze.  We later found out that they were most likely graduates celebrating graduation from University. 
The lady with the red kerchief sat their for a long time.  I kept waiting for someone else dressed in red to enter the frame - did not happen.  But the people on the bench on the background did have red on!

It is Friday, our one full day in Siena.  We have been to Siena before, but just for a quick trip.  We arrived when everyone else did, including all the tour buses and the Compo was packed.  This time we have two evenings when all the tour buses have departed and since it is October, not that many tourists.  Much better for photos.  We also have time to visit the Duomo.  The ticket also includes the Baptistery and the museum. 
The outside of the Duomo is beautiful and so detailed.

And the inside is beautiful as well.

The crypt was down a lot of steps so we opted to go to the museum first.  As we enter they tell us to go all the way to the top story first - this is 3 flights of stairs - each floor has very high ceilings so there are lots of steps.  When we get to the top they tell us we must see the panorama view first - and send us to wait for about 10 minutes.  When it is our groups turn we walk down a short staircase and across a hall.  And then to our dismay there is an extremely narrow spiral staircase.  I start up - my backpack hits the sides at each step.  The camera around my neck swings this way and that.  Mike says - maybe I should take the backpack - but there is no way to accomplish this.  So up I go with people in front and others behind us.  There is no turning back.  When I get to the top I have to sit down to catch my breath - I am not the only one!  The views are really nice - but it is mid-day so the pictures will not turn out that great.  Here are a few anyway.

 The museum was not so exciting to me.  It holds the Catholic churches memories.  The cardinals or other higher ups vestments etc.

 Then we went to the Crypt.  The paintings here are much older.  A lot of them have been damaged.

A few more Siena street scenes.

And lastly - our golden light hour photos.  We found another place to go and take photos - just around the area of the first photo of the street scenes.  You get the back of the Campo.

 Back in the Bnb we pack up - tomorrow we pick up our rental car and head to Citti Di Castelle to our week in the rental with daughter #3 and family.

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  1. Looking at your pictures reminds me of our visit to Siena several years ago! Your photos are lovely!