Thursday, October 12, 2017

Bologna First Day

Aw, the joys of traveling. Beautiful things to look at and enjoy. And new experiences and challenges. The weather in Bologna, Italy was fantastic yesterday. Our apartment is comfortable - but very cold. We are still figuring that out.  

After we taxied to our AirBBB and met our very nice host who invited us to coffee and meet his mother, we settled into our apartment. We went out for a nice long walk which felt wonderful after being cooped up in airports and planes for 30 hours. Here are some scenes from our walk.

These were all taken near Piazza Maggiore or on the way too and from there from our apartment. The last one is a decorated garage door I found interesting.  


  1. It's all so picturesque! Except for that green guy, but he's probably got an important political message.

  2. Sorry your flat is so cold! Looks like you guys are already into the groove.