Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Rainy Thursday Tour

It rained, mostly poured all day.  I think Bali got more rain today than New Mexico gets in a year!  but we are troupers and Putu is willing to take us so off we go.  Our first stop is at a local Bamboo weaving place.  They were making a bamboo mat.

 Splitting the Bamboo.

Of course we have to go to at least one temple a tour .. This is Pura Bratan.  Pura means temple.  We were there with a lot of other tourists so it was a sea of umbrellas.  I managed to avoid a lot of them

 Daughter Stephanie praying to the eagle god not to grab her in his talons and take off with her.
 We have seen a lot of Ogoh-Ogoh statues in villages.  The symbols themselves are very old, but these statues are of a more recent creation.  Most of them are demons - they show the bad side of human nature.

 We haven't had that many steps today - so we go to the Git-Git waterfalls which has a million of them.

Stef wants to do some shopping for gifts for her family.  So we stop at the Krisna store in Lovina.  We think this is the source of all the loud music we hear a Villa Oscar which is in the mountains above it.   Besides the store they have an amusement park and lot of restaurants.

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