Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Beach and pool Lankawi

Most of our time at the resort was spent at the pool or going into town for meals.  I did not take my camera to the pool most of the time as we left our things unattended while we played.  So here are a few pictures of family fun.  Grandpa had a great time playing with the grand kids.  I did too - but I am not nearly s physical with them as Grandpa and they love the physical  throwing around in the water.

It was so hot and humid that we truly did spend a lot of time in the pool because it was just too hot to sit in the sun.

When the volley ball tournament finally ended and the beach opened up we spent more time there.  but only in the late afternoon.  We spent some time walking on the beach.  J started drawing on a section of the beach. N played with beach toys and loved anything with motors.

And of course there are always mermaids on the beach!
More beach scenes.  J's drawings are starting to take up more space.

After everyone else wanted to go back to the rooms, J wanted to "take sunset pictures with Grandma"!  What she really meant was, "I just want to draw on the beach - you go take sunset pictures, "!  So I did.

It was getting pretty dark by then.  Two couples walked by - the two men kept walking on, but the ladies sat down next to J and watched her draw.  When the men returned I talked to them. They asked me if she was my daughter - quite flattering, but no, I explained she was my granddaughter.  They were from Yemen and were studying at one of the Malaysian Universities on Langkawi.  J completely ignored them.
 Contemplating the universe!

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