Friday, April 14, 2017

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Because of a long delay of our flight from Densparr, Bali, we didn't arrive to our hotel - The Traders Hotel - in Kaula Lumpur until about 11pm.  Daughter Lisa, her husband Tim and 3 children + nanny had arrived a few hours earlier.  We connected at the hotel breakfast buffet the next morning.  N at 3 is very leary of us.  J & A fall right back into our comfortable relationship- we have not seen them in a long time, but we do skype as often as possible.

There was a public water park just behind the hotel.  The kids loved it.  Not very deep but things to climb on and of course water to cool them off.  Our hotel room had a view of the famious Petronas towers or twin towers as they are known.  Lots of family time spent here in the few days we spent in Kaula Lumpur.  Views from our room.

The park:

Mike and I took an afternoon tour of the city.  We saw the Royal Palace in Kuala Lumpur.  With our usual luck, the palace is under restoration and there is no changing of the guard - instead we are greeted with construction equipment.  It is hard to see - but if you look closely at the first photo there are a series of flagpoles.  The largest one - in front holds a yellow flag which indicates that the King is in residence - so no visitors.

Then on to the war memorial.  This commemorates 3 wars.  Names of the fallen from WWI and WWII and I think the third is for war known as the Malayian Emergency.

Flower pictures taken during the tour.

Our guide/driver was 2nd generation Malaysian, originally from India.  So he was very happy to show us Little India.

 Other famious sites around Kuala Lumpur.

Next on to the Chinese temple called Thean Hou Temple:  The dark clouds finally opened up while we were touring the temple.

Our next stop was the Central Market - where we finally got some lunch.  Mike and I were both really hungry by now - but need to eat light as we were planning to go out to dinner with L&T.  There were many kinds of small stores around the perimeter with lots of tables in the middle.  I got spicy chicken with rice - in reality it was chicken with spicy fried rice.  Very spicy, but delicious.  Mike got Laksa which he loved as well.  You can buy any thing at the market!

We then headed for Independence Square and to the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery building which was right next to it.  It is really pouring rain now and our guide held an umbrella over us as we dashed to the entrance.  the entry exhibit was pretty boring.  In a back room they had a temporary exhibit called "Shoes in Art".  Then you go upstairs to a room with no windows.  Here there is a large model of the city that lights up.  The show also includes a slide show on the wall that promotes Malaysia - ending in fireworks.  They are very proud of the progress they have made since they gained independence in
1963 - the ceremony was held on Independence Square.

View of building across the street - through the pouring rain.
 Kuala Lumpur city model:
 St Mary's church - the oldest church in Kaula Lumpur - did not tour as it was still pouring.
 Went back to the hotel after that as it kept pouring.  We still saw a lot of Kuala Lumpur.


  1. I love the little India. It's about 1,000,000x cleaner than Big India.

  2. Everything is so colorful. Great pictures.