Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A tour of the northwest corner of Langkawi

Our Malaysia trip was almost all about family.  But on our last full day we just needed to get off the resort!  So we booked a taxi and for about $30 USD we saw a tiny portion of Langkawi.  As we drove along the shore north of our resort we spotted a lighthouse and decided to stop.  It was so nice to see something different.

Grandson A loves cows.  He spotted one in a nearby field - but was leary of getting to close to it.  The cow eyed him suspiciously as well.
Mike and I had wanted to do the Langkawi Cable Car - and found a willing participant in A.

As part of the experience you can visit the Skybridge.  In concept this seemed like a great idea.  However there is no warning about the zillion steps down to the bridge and then back up to the station.  And you have to pay extra to do this!

Daughter L and grand daughter J do not do heights so they stayed below and ended up at a spa.  We grabbed a quick lunch at a Subway - yes they are everywhere in Asia - to eat in the car.
It was an extremely hot and muggy day.  So we made one last stop before calling it a day and heading to the resort pool.  This was to a beach with black sand - called "Black Sand Beach" of course!  Not really that black at all, but unique to the island.

I will add that we had fantastic weather while we were in Malaysia.  Rain was forecast for every day - but if it did rain we were not aware of it.


  1. the bridge does have stunning views. Funny you guys did a mountain adventure just like we did, only different sides of the planet!