Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Adriatic Sea

This was a day of driving and photo ops.  Thank goodness the weather is so much better.  We did not see the accommodations that the Albanians stay in while they vacation here, but we did see the sea and and beach.  After being in some 3rd world country resort areas I was dismayed to see the condition of the beach.  Maybe its just the end of the season, but I would not pay to vacation here. 
 This is how far you have to walk to get to the dock shown above.  The beach could use some clean up.

 Fisherman plying their trade.
 What awaits you on the sandbar at the end of the pier.

 Migen was itching to work with his drone.  He got some decent footage - but he is new at this and wasn't paying attention to us or to the amount of power left and ended up losing the drone.  He spent quite a while searching for it while we waited in the car. 


  1. We call tell that Migen has been a great guide by all the wonderful pictures taken by you & Michael while in ALbania!!

  2. oh no! crazy I didn't know you could lose a drone