Saturday, April 28, 2018

Last day in Joffa

The pace of traveling changes when you have small children with you.  Their stop, slow walk, and then running pace is difficult to keep up with.  Natasha in particular goes full tilt until suddenly she is done.  It is good to know I am not the only one holding up the group! 
We got a late start - leaving the apt only an hour before lunch.  We walked towards old town Joffa and stopped at the ice cream shop to indulge the two youngest members of our party.  Lia chose pink and Natasha blue.  No idea what they tasted like.  These two love ice cream.  Then on to the Clock Tower.  We stopped for lunch at one of the many Shawarma places along the way.  We retraced the path we took with our guide yesturday and Mike gave a history tour along the way. It was nice to be on the opposite side of  the street and get better views of the mosque and oher buildings.  As it is Saturday there are a ton more tourists out.  The seafront is crowded and very hot.  We went a different way up the hill and saw the ampatheatre which we missed the first time.  Then wandered around old town Jaffa before heading home.  The young family stopped at the playground on the way back.  Mike and I headed back to take naps.  Tonight, we are having left over pasta and hamburgers and cabbage.  Tomorrow we are taking a cab to Jerusalem.  It turned out to cost only slightly more than taking a bus or train with cabs on either end. 
A mosque near us - seems to be under renovation.
 The ice cream shop.

 Street scenes along the way to old town Joffa.

 What I didn't see the first time through, as we were on the mosque side of the street.
 Enjoying the Medaterian.

Old town scenes.

 The ampatheatre stage.

 Entrance to Greek Orthodox church.

 More scenes along the way.

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