Friday, March 17, 2017

Senses Overload in Osaka

We decided not to do any tourist things in Osaka today, instead just walk in the streets around our apartment.  We saw a street market up the street and headed that way.

It wasn't so busy now - almost 3:30pm.  We saw a stall with lots of people lined up.  It was grilled scallops.  Only additions were butter and soy sauce - delicious!  Everything is bright and feels crowded with color.  

We passed from this area to some busy walking streets.

Things are starting to get a little louder now.  

We pass some casinos.  Every store front is either playing loud music or has advertising blasting from a boom box at the street.  All these streets are walking streets - with minimal cars and bikes still going through.  Lots of food stands and restaurants.

 We tried the kabob - had a Japanese twist.  Made with cabbage and the mayonnaise sweet sauce they love here.

More busy street scenes.  

Can't get too much of kitties!

 Way too many stores like the ones above.

Lots of stores with action figures also.  This one is for you - Grandson!

Can't go wrong with Mario brothers and more action figures.

And now back to quieter streets closer to our apartment.

Finally found the good light on the apartment buildings across the street.