Saturday, March 11, 2017

Fukuoka Street Views

Our last day in Hakata/Fukuoka area is Friday.  No tour guide today.  We feel pretty confident we can find our way around using the bus system and on foot.  We get a late start and walk next door to a small restaurant called Abbey road which is just what you think - they love the Beatles!  Where we discover we can get a Western breakfast of fried egg and toast, albeit served with a cabbage salad!  After a fortifying breakfast we head off to Rakusien Gardens - another Japanese garden.  It was extremely small but did feature a water fall where I had fun trying different photo techniques.

Next on to Tochoji Temple which we had not had time to go to on yesterday's tour.  It was a pretty big complex.  Only Buddhists were allowed entrance into the temple so we took pictures from the outside.  You could walk upstairs to see the "Big Buddha" but no photos were allowed.

A couple of street scenes in our walks around Fukuoka.

Mike was pretty tired as he had had two early morning business calls - but we decided to do one
last bus trip and go to the Harbor to see the views from the Hakata Tower.  This is a busy working wharf.

And one last shot before we headed back to the bus stop and our hotel.


  1. I see Michael has mastered the standard Japanese tourist greeting...

  2. I love the shots of the working docks. Looks like despite the sun it was quite cool?