Sunday, February 26, 2017

Getting Ready for Asia 2017

Only a few days before we leave!  My husband and I are going to Asia for two months mostly on our own.  How did we make this decision?  See  We are going to three new countries and one repeat.  We have studied each country and made extensive plans.  But in our experience something always goes wrong on these trips.  Oh, but the memories we will make!

As the flight day gets closer and closer my excitement and anxiety levels rise higher and higher.  I'm having a hard time concentrating.   I do the only logical thing - I pass on my anxiety to my travel companion/husband.  He feels more stressed as the day goes on.  I feel much better now.  I can deal with each sudden surprise that arises.  Oops, we need to pick up the corporate taxes and pay some business taxes the day before we leave.  My garden helper finks out and I have to find someone else quickly.  The first company I call can come give me an estimate that day and do the work the next day.  How easy was that!  Hopefully none of our computers or phones stop working the day before we fly as has happened before several previous trips.  The suitcases are almost packed.

I'm ready - here we come Japan!

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  1. I for one am delighted about your choice of photo - ode to frites! Japan has their own mayo they are famous for.